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Thank You!

"For The People - Pioneers of American Street Art Culture"

Was a great success in more ways than expected.

We look forward to 2024 and the years to come!  

Donate to "For the People" event 2024  
(All donations are tax deductible)

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Artist Application

Dixieanne Clean And Green Alleyway project helps bring art and renovation to alleys in North Sacramento.Fill out our artist application form to be considered for the project.

Get Involved!

Were working to better alleyways and public spaces in Sacramento and beyond!

 Were looking for volunteers, sponsors and and venues to help us  

bring good to Sacramento.

Contact us via email to volunteer. 

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Check back soon to find artist's items for sale.  

Graffiti For Good Online Gallery
Opening Soon!

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Ready to paint? Submit a Painter Registration form under PAINT!

We aim to put a legal graffiti wall in every major city and not-so-major cities around the world. If you would like a wall close to you, let us know.

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