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Dixieanne Alleyway Artist Application


About the Dixieanne Alleyway Clean and Green Artist Involvement 

Project Goals

Dixieanne Neighborhood Clean & Green Alleys is a project to clean and beautify five residential alleys in the community of Old North Sacramento with permeable interlocking pavers, fencing repairs, shade trees, and public art in order to enhance the neighborhood and to encourage community gathering and active transportation. While the primary function of alleys throughout Sacramento is to provide access to the rear of properties, the low volume of traffic and narrow widths allow alleys to also function as safe, low-stress corridors for pedestrians, bicyclists, and even casual play.

The project objectives are to focus on cleaning, beautification, and community engagement through public art.

What We Need

We are seeking 20 artists to create art for five  alleyways.

Specifically seeking vector images for 10 distinct 6-foot circular medallion pavers (one at the beginning and ending of each alleyway) 

We are seeking 10 artists to paint 10 sets of bollards      (3 bollards per artist) in the center of each alleyway.


Artist Compensation


Artist compensation will be $1,500 for vector artwork for a 6-foot medallion made of pavers placed in the ground at either entryway of an alleyway and $3000 for painting (3) bollards in the center of each alleyway.

How Artists Are Selected

Artists are selected by a panel of five residents and caretakers of North Sacramento who will work with The City of Sacramento to select 20 artists that best align with the project goals. If an artist is selected by the panel, the artist will submit a mock-up design to the panel and public for approval. After the approval of the mock-up, implementation of artwork and painting of bollards will begin.

Artist Rights 

All Artists are expected to create their own original artwork for this project and therefore will own the rights to said artwork and all intellectual property rights. 

No artwork submitted with trademarked imagery that the artists does not have the rights to will be accepted. If while in the public the imagery is damaged, the artist will have the right to fix on their own, If the artist elects not to restore the artwork, the city may remove or alter the artwork as they please. 

The City of Sacramento does reserve the right to use submitted artwork for promotions or remove or change the artwork at any time without notice. 

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To apply please take the time to fill out the information below.

Upload Bio / Resume
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