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By registering to paint a Graffiti for Good wall you (the registrar) are acknowledging and agreeing to our terms and conditions and the following: Graffiti for Good does not condone any artwork promoting illegal drugs, physical violence or nudity, ANY related artwork WILL be considered vandalism and removed at artists expense. Any artwork associated with and promoting any violent group or violent group related individuals is unapproved by Graffiti for Good and it's affiliates and will be immediately covered and replaced by a blank wall or other registered artist(s) artwork and a bill will be sent to the artist at the cost of doing so which by agreeing to these terms and conditions the register agrees to pay. There will be only one artist per designated space per wall. All other artists must register individually. Artwork glorifying weapons or physical violence will be removed immediately at artist expense. Artwork glorifying racism will not be tolerated and removed at artists expense. Graffiti for good does not condone the promotion of ANY political figure, artwork promoting political figures will removed at artists expense. Graffiti For Good withholds the right to deny a space to paint for any reason. Graffiti For Good reserves the right to paint over any or all part of a painting for any reason at any time without approval from artist. All artwork produced on our walls is intended to beautify an area and add value to the space it exists. Painting our legal walls is a privilege and not a right. Any registered or un registered  artist painting in a space not designated for them at the given time provided will be considered vandalism and will removed at artists expense.     

ARTWORK: All artwork produced on Graffiti for Good designated walls is considered public art and may be reproduced to promote Graffiti For Good with credit to the artist that created it. 

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: By completing and submitting the registration form you agree to the following release of liability:

Notice of release of liability waiver agreement: Neither Graffiti For Good nor its affiliates, board members, sponsors, artists, partners or any other entity can or will be held liable for injury to persons or otherwise private property or public property during any painting or onsite activities. Painting can be harmful to persons lungs and paints known to the State of California to cause illness, cancer or other known side effects are to be used responsibly and are in now way the responsibility of anyone other than the user.

Ladders, scaffolding and lifts are dangerous to climb. Personal injury or death may occur during these activities to the climber or anyone below. Personal and public property may be damaged by falling objects or climbers due to unforeseen circumstances to which neither Graffiti For Good nor its affiliates, board members, sponsors, artists, partners or any other entity can or will be held liable for. 




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